Misc. Cancer Resources

Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster Created by psychotherapist Peggy Huddleston, this is a five-step program to release fear and mentally prepare for surgery in order to create the biochemistry of healing and speed recovery. Research on this program was conducted at a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston. Can also be used to lessen the side effects of chemo, radiation or other medical procedures. These workshops are now offered in hospitals, HMO’s and for individuals by nurses and therapists trained and certified by Peggy. Book and tape available on the website for $24.90 at www.healfaster.com. For questions call 800-726-4173.

Create your own website about your cancer journey so friends and family can follow you.  Free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery.

Writing About Cancer is a therapeutic writing course for cancer patients and survivors. The work is based on the research by James D. Pennebaker, PhD, who found that writing deep thoughts and feelings about stressful events can help people heal, both emotionally and physically. Look for the link for "The Healing Way: A Journal for Cancer Survivors" by Margie Davis--it contains over 60 well-researched writing exercises to help cancer patients and survivors write therapeutically about their cancer experience. Whether you are newly diagnosed, currently in treatment, or have been in remission for years, writing about the different aspects of your cancer can be very therapeutic and healing. For details about all of this, go to www.writingtoheal.com.

Guided Imagery Programs Although called “visualization” and “mental imagery,” these terms can be misleading. Guided Imagery involves far more than just the visual sense—and this is a good thing, given the fact that only about 55% of the population is strongly wired visually. Instead, imagery involves all of the senses and almost anyone can do this. Neither is it strictly a “mental” activity—it involves the whole body, the emotions, and all the senses, and it is precisely this body-based focus that makes for its powerful impact on health.

American Environmental Health Foundation – for environmentally safe and non-toxic products A non-profit organization that personally reviews and approves products offered in their catalog. Includes air purifiers, water filters, household cleaners, bath and bedding items, books and videos, lawn and garden supplies, paints and home improvement items, nutritional supplements, personal care items, saunas and various pollution detection kits. Call 800-428-2343 or fax catalog request to 214-361-2534. Catalog is also online at www.aehf.com. Email: aehf@aehf.com.

Cancer Wise: Dr Keith Scott-Mumby's audio CD series describing many cancer alternative treatments, including what's cutting edge today in alternatives. Webelieve this is unbiased and helpful information, but we haven't reviewed it yet. Find it at www.cancer-wise.com. His regular webiste is at www.alternative-doctor.com.

Emotional Genius—How Your Emotions Can Save Your Life by Karla McLaren Six 90-minute cassette tapes from www.soundstrue.com Without an understanding of our emotional nature, most people never succeed in their quest for health, happiness, and freedom. Karla teaches how to address disease by balancing the mind, body, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our being. The tapes contain exercises for addressing each of the emotions, including sadness, anger, and hate. Karla is an empath, teacher, and author who specializes in emotional trauma work. She states that roughly 50% of us are trauma survivors and teaches that all of our emotions, including the most difficult ones, are carriers of energy, information, and wisdom that have the power to protect and heal us. Although it does not replace the need for professional help, these tapes are a great self-help resource.

A Free Resource for Psycho-Spiritual Healing: Emotional Freedom Technique http://www.emofree.com Website for information about this easy to use universal healing technique that anyone can employ. The site offers complete instruction without cost so that anyone can begin using the technique immediately for healing trauma and abuse, old emotional wounds, fears and phobias, anxiety and stress, depression, addictions, compulsions, pain and some physical conditions. Can also be used for help in dealing with treatment side-effects. This is an energy medicine technique based on acupuncture meridians and many holistically-oriented psychologists now offer it or a similar technique as a treatment adjunct. Phone 707-785 2848

For a great video about this amazing (and free!) emotional heaing technique, go here.

In simplest terms, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that no needles are used. Instead, one taps with the fingertips to stimulate certain meridian points while one is "tuned in" to the problem or issue. We are still learning why EFT (and its many cousins such as “Thought Field Therapy”) works so well. The existing theory is that "the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." There is ample evidence that it works--in many cases.

The subtle energies that circulate throughout the body have been largely ignored (until recently) by western scientists. As a result, our use of them for emotional and spiritual healing has been sparse at best. With EFT, however, these subtle energies are considered to be the front running cause of emotional upsets. There is a great deal of detailed information on the website including a free download of the entire EFT manual, a newcomers video on CD, tutorials, info for training programs for healthcare practitioners, case histories, email support, transcripts of recorded sessions and interviews, related articles and websites, a searchable database to find am EFT trained practitioner, Q & A and more. Easy to learn and use.

Note: Deepak Chopra MD is now charging approximately $3000-3500 for an EFT seminar. While of course it would be ideal to have this process guided by a master healer and author, it's not necessary, and all the tools are available free on the website.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology http://www.energypsych.org This an international nonprofit organization promoting professional energy psychology and collaboration among practitioners, researchers and licensing bodies. Energy psychology is a family of mind/body techniques that are clinically observed to consistently help with a wide range of psychological conditions. These interventions address the human vibrational matrix, which consists of three major interacting systems:

These techniques are also helpful in promoting high-level mind-body health and peak performance in the physical, mental and creative arenas of life. There is a searchable database of practitioners on the website.


Biological Dentistry

Also called Holistic Dentistry, this involves an awareness of dental health and care as it relates to the entire person. It is founded on the concept that the condition of the mouth and teeth can affect the general health of the body and vice versa, with the understanding that the human body is a complex network of interrelated systems. Many biological dentists work in conjunction with other alternative healthcare providers. The most common procedures include neural therapy, oral acupuncture, cold laser therapy, mouth balancing and removal of dental fillings and other restorations created with toxic materials and substitution with safe non-toxic (bio-compatible) materials. Biological dentists also work to eliminate chronic infections in the mouth which can include cavitations in the jaw-bone and infections from prior root canal procedures.

Two schools of thought run through biological dentistry. One asserts that the materials used in mainstream dentistry are toxic and can promote serious disorders elsewhere in the body. By weakening the immune system or attacking the nervous system, these materials are said to cause ailments ranging from Alzheimer's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis to kidney problems, heart disease and even cancer. Removing the offending materials is therefore proposed to help with detoxification and healing.

The second school of thought holds that the teeth and surrounding tissues are linked to other organs in the body through a network of energy channels, such as the meridians of acupuncture, thereby explaining how the health of the mouth and teeth directly affects other organs and body systems. Claims for oral acupuncture include relief of toothaches, tooth sensitivities, jaw pain, gingivitis, neuralgia, sinusitis, and pain in distant parts of the body. In addition, the oral acupuncture points behind the last upper and lower molars have been used to treat shoulder and elbow pain, neck pain, restricted neck movement, low back pain, and TMJ.

A good biological dentist will choose the least invasive and most effective treatment available, working to avoid any unnecessary structural changes in the mouth. If you are interested in exploring biological dentistry, the following websites are a good place to begin:

http://www.holisticmed.com/www/dental.html An interesting site with good information and lots of scientific articles

http://www.holisticdental.org/ Website for the Holistic Dental Association, includes a small searchable database of dentists. Email is hda@frontier.net

http://www.heall.com/resource/dentists.html A list of alternative, holistic dentists and info on biological dentistry

http://mercuryfreedentists.com/ Another list with a searchable database

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) http://www.iaomt.org The IAOMT is a membership organization for dental, medical and research professionals who seek to promote mercury-free dentistry, and raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in dental practice. Includes lots of information on the dangers of mercury and a searchable database for finding a dentist.

Paracelsus Clinic (Switzerland) http://www.paracelsus.ch Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director, is both a medical doctor and a biological dentist, and there are additional dentists on staff. If you’re looking for an exquisite European location in the Alps for major dental work (and possibly not costing much more than here in the US), you may want to check out this clinic. Holistic dental work plays a major role in medical treatment protocols at Paracelsus.