A Formula for Healing Cancer (or Any Other Disease)

The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine’s medical teams visited and evaluated over 100 international cancer clinics in 28 countries during its first five years. What emerged from these visits was the recognition of a common pattern of treatment which was found at the most highly regarded and successful of these facilities. This treatment pattern included various modalities which, although they were individualized and different for each patient, generally encompassed five common areas or components of the complete treatment protocol.

The new paradigm of (w)holistic medicine means treating the “whole” person, not just the physical body. It assumes the value of self-healing, demands a partnership between doctor/practitioner and patient and recognizes the need to examine all aspects of an individual’s life.

The body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal itself surpasses that of the most advanced medical technology, ancient herbal formula or latest scientific breakthrough. To support these intrinsic healing abilities, consider the following five components of a holistic and comprehensive cancer treatment program. They speak to the understanding that the body is a self-cleansing, self-healing organism when it is given the proper tools to work with. These five components (tools) must be considered, whether in a comprehensive general wellness or disease prevention program or in a treatment protocol for advanced cancer--or any other illness for that matter. Being in a state of optimal health and wellness involves harmony on all of these levels. If one is out of balance, less than optimal health and healing will ultimately result.

Individuals should assemble a healthcare team in whom they have confidence and trust to offer guidance about the most appropriate personal choices in the following categories:

1. The psycho-spiritual aspects of emotional wellness and balance, a positive mental attitude and an understanding of life purpose

I believe that this is the most important component and the critical foundation of a comprehensive plan for healing cancer--or any other illness. That is the reason I've chosen to focus on the mental-emotional causes for disease within this website. Ironically, it is the area least likely to be addressed in most cancer treatment--whether alternative,complementary or conventional.

Balance and strength in this area underlie the drive and determination to take on all the rest that needs to be embraced in order to heal. Identifying and releasing deep-seated and many times unconscious negative emotions and thought patterns, and maintaining an attitude of hope and positive belief, can make the all-important difference between healing and dying! Dr. Douglas Brodie’s description of “The Cancer Personality,” based on his 30 years of treating cancer patients holistically, makes for compelling reading to illustrate this point. (currently available in the e-book chapter on this website about Dr. Brodie).

2. Detoxification of body, mind, emotions and environment

Because we live in an increasingly toxic and stressful world, elimination and detoxification systems of the body must be strengthened and effective methods for reducing emotional and mental stress must be embraced. A highly toxic body cannot absorb the healthiest food and highest quality supplements because its systems don’t function optimally and absorption is compromised. As treatments successfully break down tumors in the body, it is absolutely critical that the body be able to quickly and efficiently eliminate the toxic by-products from this process. Most successful CAM (complementary & alternative medicine) clinics consider detoxification the number one priority for creating an effective treatment protocol. Serious auto-intoxication from tumor breakdown can paradoxically cause extremely serious problems or even death in an already weakened body. Cancer patients are generally fairly toxic, and the number of cancers with a contributing factor of environmental toxicity is a growing concern.

3. Nutrition, healthy diet and proper supplementation

In the alternative world, it is typically accepted that an alkaline-based organic diet is optimal for the healing of cancer. There is a plethora of choices for supplementation. Most cancer patients do not die directly from their tumors; they die of malnutrition, toxemia, and/or opportunistic infections. There are many advantages for introducing nutritional support for the diagnosed cancer patient. They include: avoidance of malnutrition, minimizing the side effects of toxic therapies, protecting healthy tissue, stimulating immune response, balancing hormones, modulating tumor growth factors, promoting healthy cell proliferation, increasing longevity and improving quality of life.

4. Appropriate body alignment and removal of energetic blockages in the nervous system and vital forces of the body for proper energy flow

Therapies can include chiropractic, acupuncture and acupressure, massage therapies and bodywork, energy therapies such as reiki and healing touch, sound, color and frequency therapies, homeopathy, electro-magnetic therapies, vibrational medicine and many others.

5. An optimally functioning immune system

The immune system can be strengthened and supported by utilizing innovative and relatively inexpensive natural methods and supplements. Some conventional treatments take an immunological approach and there are various natural products now available commercially for this purpose. There have also been years of documented results in strengthening immune response utilizing guided imagery and visualization by such highly regarded experts as Bernie Siegel, MD, O. Carl Simonton, MD and Jeanne Achterberg, PhD.

To summarize:

As long as these components of physiological homeostasis and mental/emotional balance are recognized and addressed, the human organism can begin to heal—this is our nature. These components can also be incorporated into an integrative treatment approach, as complementary therapies to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This should be accomplished under the care of a trained healthcare professional. Education and communication about these essential components of a healthy lifestyle underlie the future of disease treatment and prevention as well.

There is a pyramid that can illustrate this formula for healing as shown below. The interesting thing is that when the first four components are addressed and balanced, the immune system at the very pinnacle will naturally return to optimal functioning and begin to destroy abnormal cancer cells, as it was designed to do—almost without additional outside intervention. There are many products and therapies that can help this process along more quickly however when the condition warrants immediate action.

When the first four levels are in balance, the immune system functions optimally.