Resources for Cancer Patients

Alternative Treatment Information & Referrals

From Cynthia
In my years at The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM), I was always on the lookout for helpful resources for the cancer patients I interacted with. The list on this page and on the resource pages to the left were compiled for that purpose and give patients a starting point to educate themselves. It offers a mix of organizations, books, websites, consultants, guidelines and other connections that could prove helpful, depending on each patient’s circumstances and needs. For example, many cancer patients will not be interested in exploring the more conventional option of a clinical trial, however there is information included here for those who do wish to educate themselves in this area. There are organizations that will arrange free travel on corporate jets, advocate with insurance companies, and even help with financial assistance.

In general, the list of five organizations listed below offer specific referrals and treatment recommendations and are excellent resources. They're a great place for cancer patients to start exploring their options and educating themselves. Although these reports and services might be considered expensive (except the first), they offer an extremely valuable service. At NFAM, the decision was made for legal reasons not to offer specific recommendations or referrals to those who contacted us, so I frequently suggested the following contacts to patients.

Organizations that specialize in alternative & complementary cancer treatment information and referrals:

Center for Advancement in Cancer Education
Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., Executive Director
300 E. Lancaster Ave. Suite 100, Wynnewood, PA 19096
Phone 610-642-4810 FAX 610-896-6339
Email: Website:

This is a non-profit cancer information, counseling and referral agency that focuses on combining the body's natural healing potential with advances in medical science. The Center offers resources for cancer prevention as well as non-toxic approaches as adjuncts or alternatives to conventional cancer treatments. Referrals are available for patients to doctors, clinics and treatments. Phone and in-person consultations are available. A very reasonable membership donation is requested. See the chapter on Susan Silberstein on this website for more information about its mission and how the Center operates.

Ralph W. Moss Ph.D./The Moss Reports
PO Box 8183, State College, PA 16803
Phone 800-980-1234 or 814-238-3369 FAX: 814-238-5865
Websites: AND

Respected cancer researcher and author Ralph Moss creates individualized reports (currently priced at $297) recommending the best alternative and complementary treatments and clinics for specific types of cancer. Free information, excellent free weekly newsletter and patient testimonials are also available at the website. HIghly recommended.

PO Box 103, Port Gamble, WA 98364
Phone: 360- 297-5520 or Toll Free (800) 565-1732
Email: [email protected] or

CANHELP prepares detailed, individualized, professional reports to help cancer patients with their treatment options. Costs vary from $350-$450 depending on how quickly information is needed. Other options such as hourly consults available. There's a page with good resources to explore at

Frank Wiewal/People Against Cancer
604 East St. PO Box 10, Otho, IA 505-69-0010
Phone 515-972-4444 FAX 515-972-4415

A non-profit organization that offers personalized medical consulting services utilizing an international database of physicians and researchers at a membership cost of $500. Free information and newsletter.

People Against Cancer—Germany
Lothar Hirneise, President
Postfach 12 05, 71386 Kernen, Germany
Phone (direct from the US): 011 497 1519 10217
FAX: 011 497 1519 10218
Email: [email protected] OR

This is the European office for this cancer information, education and referral organization. It uses the same personalized medical consulting protocol its American sister organization uses. English spoken. German time is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern time